First, pause the card on the Equals Spend app until you’re 100% sure it’s lost. If you pause the card, it cannot be used for transactions and you can resume it again if it turns up.

If you’re a cardholder, you can report the card lost or stolen:

If you’re a controller or company controller, report a lost or stolen card:


Remember, by reporting the card as lost or stolen, we will automatically cancel it and issue a replacement. If there were funds on the old card, it will automatically be transferred over to the new card.

To report the card lost on the Equals Spend app:

  1. Open the Equals Spend app
  2. Select "Cards"
  3. Select the card that has been lost or stolen
  4.  Select "report lost/stolen"
  5.  Enter the security details and confirm

To report the card lost on the online platform:

  1. Click on “Cards”
  2. Click on “Card list” and choose the relevant card number. If you can’t see the card, you can type the user’s name in the search box and click “Filter”
  3. Click on the drop-down arrow towards the bottom of the page next to “Status”
  4. Choose “Lost” or “Stolen”