To add a new user to your Equals Spend account you must be either a company controller or a controller on your account. On the online platform:


  1. Select “Users”
  2. Click “Add a new user”
  3. Enter the new user’s details, including a unique email address and their date of birth
  4. Select “Add user” at the bottom.
  5. Keep the “role” as “user” if they do not require administration rights. “Company controllers” have full access to the account while a “controller” can only see the details of the individuals assigned to them by the company controller. This is usually someone that manages a team such as a head of department.


Adding a user doesn’t automatically order them a card. If the new user needs a card, on the online platform:

  1.  Select “Cards”
  2. Click “Order a new card”
  3. Follow the prompts

The card is free, but you must deposit at least £10, €13, or €15 at the time of order. The new card should arrive in 3-5 working days.