If your card number starts with 5339, you can get a PIN reminder on the Equals Spend app or online platform.

On the Equals Spend app:

  1. Open the Equals Spend app
  2. Select "Cards"
  3. Select the Card you need the PIN for
  4. Click "show PIN"
  5. Complete security details to see your PIN

On the Equals Spend online platform:

  1. Select “Cards”
  2. Choose “Card List”
  3. Click on the card number you need a PIN reminder for
  4. Click “Reveal PIN” at the bottom of the page
  5. Enter the required details and click confirm

If your card number starts with 5116, call us on 01244 77 99 00 (or +44 1244 77 99 00 from overseas) to get a PIN reminder. Calls are charged at your standard network rates. 

Remember, you must have activated your card to receive a PIN reminder. If your card is blocked due to too many incorrect PIN guesses, you need to have your card unblocked before calling for a PIN reminder.you can get a PIN reminder online or on the Equals Spend app.